City View Photography is owned and run by Bay Area photographer, Aubrey Huey. She specializes in architectural and interior photography. City View Photography is also a certified Google Trusted Photographer providing Google Street View | Trusted 360º virtual tours for Google Maps, as well as custom virtual tour services.

   After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Integrative Biology, I naturally did what anybody else would do with my skillset and started my own photography business. I got my hands on my first DSLR during my sophomore year of college and ended up mostly using it to photograph my teammates out on the rugby pitch. 

   Photography was just a hobby to me, something to balance out the stresses of school and rugby. I had planned to pursue an education in alternative medicine and become a naturopathic doctor, but decided to take a gap year before applying to graduate schools. Well, that gap year soon turned into gap years. I ended up becoming a certified Trusted Photographer in the Google Street View | Trusted program and got my foot in the door to starting my own business. With school on the back burner, I finally had the freedom to appreciate and embrace my creative side which I had been suppressing through semesters of physics, chemistry, and molecular biology. I quickly found my niche in photographing architecture and continue to feed my passion for seeing, creating, and capturing beauty through the lens of my camera, inside and out.