City View Photography is owned and run by Bay Area photographer, Aubrey Huey. She specializes in architectural and interior photography. City View Photography is also a certified Google Trusted Photographer providing Google Street View | Trusted 360º virtual tours for Google Maps, as well as custom virtual tour services.

   After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Integrative Biology, I naturally did what anybody else would do with my skill set and knowledge base. I started my own photography business. What had previously just been a hobby, very quickly became my whole life -- in all the best ways possible.

  My photography has taken me across the globe and has introduced me to amazing people, but most importantly, it has allowed me the opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty that is within all things on a daily basis -- even a cold, lifeless, block of cement.  Everyday, I continue to live out my passion for seeing, creating, and capturing beauty through the lens of my camera -- inside and out.